kids' korner

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Welcome to Kids' Korner, the Duncansville Evangelical Lutheran Church's program for children in pre-K through 6th grade! Led by our dedicated teachers - Miss Hayley, Miss Ryann, Miss Erin, and Mr Robbie - Kids' Korner provides a nurturing and engaging environment where kids can grow in their faith. We use the Whirl Curriculum to teach important figures and stories from the Bible, using relatable characters, videos, and fun activities to bring these stories to life. Kids' Korner is designed to inspire a love for God and a desire to live out our faith in our daily lives. Join us on this exciting journey of discovering God's love and purpose for our lives!

Sunday Mornings

Encoutner Service 10 am

Want to have your child join Kids' Korner?   Join us at our 10 am Encounter service. 

Kids' Korner 

Kids' Korner occurs during our 10 am Service.  Our Children assist in Ministry by taking up our Tithing and Offering then head upstairs to our new Sunday School rooms. 

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