Pastors &  Council

DELC is currently entering the Call Process. 

Please direct any Pastoral Questions to Cynthia Albright or Derek Detrich. 

We are about to begin the call process for a new Pastor for Duncansville Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Joshua Detrich

Music Minister 

Music Minister is responsible for leading the music ministry and assist in coordinating worship services.

Cynthia Albright

Worship, Director

The Worship Director is responsible for leading the music ministry and coordinating worship services, working with volunteers and musicians to create a meaningful and inspiring worship experience.  She also assists by bringing faith into our daily lives and not just on a Sunday! 

Derek Detrich

Service , Director

The Service  Director is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the church, including coordinating events and activities, managing volunteers, and providing support to shut-ins and other members in need. This role focuses on ensuring that all activities align with the church's mission and values. 

Marsha Hunter

Outreach & Community Connection, Director

The Outreach & Community Connection Director develops and implements strategies to engage with the local community, build relationships with community members, and promote the church's values and mission to a wider audience. 

Paula Kauffman

Church Relations, Director

The Church Relations Director is responsible for building relationships with other churches and faith-based organizations, coordinating joint activities and initiatives, and promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. In addition, this role works to engage individuals in the congregation to volunteer with missions of the church and with other members, fostering a sense of community and service within the church. 

Erin Peterman

Children Christian Education, Director

he Children Christian Education Director is responsible for developing and implementing educational programs for children, working with volunteers and parents to create a nurturing and engaging environment for children to learn about their faith. 

Katy Pope

Intergenerational Activity & Involvement, Director

The Intergenerational Activity & Involvement Director coordinates activities and events that bring together members of all ages and promotes a sense of community and belonging within the church.

Christopher Scordo

Finance, Director

The Finance Director oversees the church's finances, managing budgets, monitoring expenses, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and best practices.  

JJ Barroner

People and Talent, Director

The People and Talent Director is responsible for people of the church. This role assists in finding volunteers and also serves as the point of contact for members who have issues, providing guidance and support to ensure that all members feel heard and valued within the church community. 

Tim Duff

Property  & Facilities, Director

The Property & Facilities Director is responsible for managing the church's physical plant, including buildings, grounds, and equipment. This role oversees maintenance and repairs, ensures that all facilities are safe and in compliance with local regulations, and develops plans for long-term capital improvements. The Property & Facilities Director works closely with other church leaders to ensure that the facilities meet the needs of the congregation and support the church's mission and values.